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Purchasing a Home

As with any major purchase, the decision to buy a residence in South Florida is governed by a multitude of factors.  While there may be practical reasons why you are looking to buy – for instance, as an investment – there is always a strong emotional component too.  We are sensitive to subtle but critical issues, such as your individual taste and style, as well as more practical considerations such as proximity to schools or specific neighborhoods.  At the same time, our deep knowledge of the market gives us a special understanding of the relationship between price and value and its implications to you as a purchaser.

“You can trust us to work with you through each and every stage of your property purchase.”

Our goal is to listen to your needs and then help locate for you a range of properties that meet your criteria and then help you find one residence that wins your heart.  From there we will guide you through the complex process of negotiating and acquiring the property.


  • Financing

    If you decide to finance your purchase, we can help to recommend mortgage brokers and lenders to aid in the process.  These are well vetted individuals or institutions who have a proven record of adding value and who are skilled at overcoming obstacles along the way.

  • Legal

    We are happy to work alongside your attorney, but should you have a need for one, we can recommend from a list of highly experienced real estate attorneys versed in all aspects of transactions. If you are a foreign national, we will be sure to protect your interests to your greatest advantage with the correct corporate structures and tax filings.

  • EB5

    Should you wish to purchase for an EB5 Visa, we can also help guide you to the correct, designated properties and legal assistance.

  • Off Market

    In addition to properties you may find on our websites or the internet, we also have access through our community and connections to off-market opportunities not readily known to the public. Once we have zeroed in on your preferred preferences, we can mine our resources to find exactly what you are looking for.

  • We view finding a home or uncovering a great investment as an adventure. We are constantly learning about new opportunities and look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

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